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A ginger-haired fox

Pedro Simão Mendes, em 19.01.16

   This is me falling asleep. My eyes are closed, but I still see images. Yes, my brain does this thing where every time I’m falling asleep I see random images. And the most curious fact is that I see them very clearly, as if I was seeing them right in that moment, which I am not, for my eyes are closed. Also, they don’t seem anything related to my daily experiences, so I have no idea where they come from. They are almost like high-definition pictures or movies. When I am more attentive to them, I try to understand them, but they rapidly start fading away. When I surrender to their beauty or energy, I embark on a silent light-speed journey until I fall asleep.

   This is me falling asleep, right here, right now. But my eyes are closed and I glimpse something… The color green, at first. Then, I see a bright light. I try to look around and make something more distinguishable. I see cyan blue and white, and I understand that they’re the blue sky and white clouds. The bright light is the sunlight and the green color comes from a field of grass, and from trees a bit farther away. I come to the conclusion that I’m on a little hill where the wind is making the little grass leaves dance when it gently passes through them. That’s when I see the fox.

   My point of view changes automatically and incomprehensibly. I am behind the fox, and I see the auburn of its fur glowing under the sun. I see both of its black pointy ears up in the air, moving quickly from time to time, maybe attentive to their surroundings. Sometimes, when the wind blows, the fox turns its head and I outline its nose sniffing the air. I also perceive the grass shaking under its paws, while glowing with the sunlight that strikes through its narrow leaves, making them more yellow than green.

   Now I see the fox from far above.  It’s laying down on the top of a small hill, with its front paws crossed, the right one on top of the left one. It is beautiful. I love the color of its ginger fur, a sparkly reddish brown that gives life to the hill. It looks up, I and see its amber eyes, with a predator’s aspect. I think it’s funny how its chest is covered by white as snow fur, as well as the point of its long tail.

   There’s the fox again from behind, and now everything I see looks like a painting, spinning around: a fiery red on top of an emerald and golden field, and far away the perky blue of the sky. I see this sublime image slowly fading away and, finally, I fall asleep.


written on/escrito a 18.01.2016

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